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USW Local 135L - Tonawanda NY

5/3/22 - new message from VP Hall concerning tire kiosk under the "Vice-Presidents" tab

4/27 - Upcoming Events under the "Events" tab

4/27 - Paul Dobrzenski Memorial Scholarhip Winners:
          Sara Reese - daugter of Steven Reese
          Kaitlyn Partell - daughter of Jeff Partell

4/7/22 - updated seniority list under the seniority list tab

4/1/22 - Feb 2022 Union meeting notes under the union meeting minutes tab

4/1/22 - new COLA adjjustment under the COLA tab

4/1/22 - updated paykeysheet under pay rates tab

1/4/22 - updated Seniority list under the seniority list tab

12-12-21 - Union HOLIDAY Party cancelled for 2021.  

6/11/21 - Paul Dobrzenski Scholarship Award winners announced under "USW Local 135 Newsletter" tab

6/3/20 - Associate Discount Program for Harley under "Events" Tab

USW Dues Dollar

Please click on Links for suggested web sites from Local 135L Rapid Response that will help our members track legislative voting on labor issues.

We look forward to hearing your comments or suggestions, let us know what you'd like to see!

Local135 Represents

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Contact Local 135L

United Steelworkers Local 135L
810 Sheridan Dr.
Tonawanda NY 14150

Phone: (716) 871-0941    
Fax: (716) 871-0943

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